When you’re planning a special event and/or photo session in Paris from outside of the country, it’s only natural for you to have a lot of questions! We do our best to inform you upfront, but as always, if we don’t answer your questions via email or here, please do ask before your session! Cheers and see you soon in Paris!

FAQ’s & Preparing for your Pictours Paris Photo Session or Event

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    CANCELLATION / DEPOSIT POLICY: We ask for a deposit to secure the time and date of your session. If for some reason you have to cancel your session, we request 14 days advance notice, so that we can reschedule that time slot with another client. If cancellation occurs less than 5 days from your session, the deposit will not be refunded.

    LATE POLICY: If you are late, that will take away from time we spend taking photographs. If you are more than 20 minutes late we will have to cancel or reschedule. Your deposit won’t be reimbursed if your tardiness causes a cancellation.

    CANCELLATION/WEATHER: Pictours Paris does the best to reschedule around inclement weather. Light rain is not a problem, but heavy rain can be. We can also select a different day or time of day if scheduling for both parties permits.

    We will reimburse 50% of the deposit if inclement weather causes an absolute cancellation. Deposits are non-refundable during busy season (April – August), and are not reimbursed for cancellations within 48 hours in slow season, nor if you are a no-show.


  • What should we wear?

    What to wear?! Most people like to dress up a little bit for their Paris photo session. Try to be the best version of yourself as you can! For colors, bold colors work well, and black and white is also very classic French. Try to avoid busy patterns and large logos. And ladies, don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes to walk in between locations if you plan to wear high heels for photographs. Also consider hair and makeup styling before your session!
  • What if it rains?

    Paris is quite the rainy city! Most of the time we have light sprinkles that don’t affect our session too much. Just plan to bring a large solid color umbrella in case of rain – and embrace the sprinkles. We think Paris in the rain is quite romantic! However, if there are heavy storms, we will do our best to reschedule for later in the day, or another day.
  • What time of day is best for lighting and the session?

    We love mornings and evenings in Paris. Morning sessions provide soft light a less crowds, so morning sessions can be very intimate and lovely. Evening light is also nice and soft, and we can plan to end near sunset or just after the Eiffel Tower lights come on, but the crowds are heavier. We always do the best to minimize people in your photos, but at some heavy-traffic locations it just isn’t avoidable.
  • We are camera shy. Can you help with poses?

    Absolutely!! It’s our job to make you shine for the camera, and we’ll make you feel comfortable, natural and relaxed while we provide you with directions on posing, etc.
  • What locations will we go to?

    Please reference our different packages for more details on each package offered. But generally we will make our way to/from the Eiffel Tower area to either the area around the Notre Dame OR the area around the Louvre museum. These two general areas easily fill up 2 – 3 hour sessions, and shorter and longer sessions may have different itineraries.
  • How will we get around the city?

    We walk between  locations (hence the tip for ladies to bring comfortable shoes to walk in between shots!), and will most likely also take a taxi, so please bring some additional cash for taxi fare (15-20 euros). We may also take metro or RER, so it’s good to have these tickets on hand just in case.
  • How much editing do you do?

    The photo package price does include post production. We enhance the overall look and feel of your images via post-processing software (Adobe Lightroom and/or Photoshop). We enhance colors and contrast, minimize shadows, and straighten and crop. We do not apply heavy editing such as removing people or objects from the background, making your appearance different/liquify, contouring, etc. We can eliminate minor skin blemishes if requested. Pictours Paris prides ourselves on capturing YOU in Paris and making those beautiful memories and moments last forever via your photograph souvenirs.  
  • How will I receive our images from the session?

    We edit and deliver all of the photos from client sessions via Pixieset. You will then be able to make prints, enlargements, albums, etc etc. 
  • TIP: Please be on time!

    We will give you a map and meeting location information before your session. Sometimes we meet in front of a cafe, other times it will be at the specific monument. Please note of the meeting time and location, and plan your route via metro, bus, taxi or walking. Always allow ample time to get to the meeting location on time for your session. Metro and bus rides can take upwards of 45 minutes if you must make changes or travel from across the city, so please plan and route out your travel time accordingly. We oftentimes book multiple sessions a day, so if you are late, that will take away from time we spend taking photographs. If you are more than 20 minutes late we may have to cancel or reschedule, and we will leave after 25 minutes. Your deposit will not be reimbursed if your tardiness causes a cancellation. Thank you for your understanding. Let’s all be on time and have a ton of fun!