Emily & Mikaila’s Paris Proposal!

“A few months ago when my father’s job moved him to Luxembourg, Mikaila and I decided to visit Paris on our way to visit him. I wanted to propose to Mikaila months before, but I also wanted to plan a perfect and romantic proposal for her. So I decided to hire Lindsey at Pictours Paris to help me plan the perfect surprise proposal and to capture it all on camera. Everything went perfectly and Mikaila was so surprised and loved the photo session. That evening we were walking through my favorite neighborhood in Paris, and Mikaila got down on one knee and proposed to me! We had both left Seattle with rings hidden in our bags and our own secret plans to propose on the same day, in the same city! What are the chances?!”
-Emily & Mikaila




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  1. Tami says

    I happen to know and adore Emily & Mikaila and couldn’t be happier that they were able to surprise each other in Paris by proposing! What an awesome service “Pictours Paris” provides…so glad the girls were able to take full advantage of it! The future for these beautiful ladies is going to be full of love, laughs and life-long memories…with this being there very first one as an engaged couple! CONGRATS again sweet girlies…Love you! ;o)

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