A Glowing Recommendation from Gail: Photos at Trocadero, Louvre

“I wanted some special pictures of me and my husband in Paris. He wasn’t that anxious to do it and I had to even make him wear a sports jacket for the pictures. We met Lindsey at the Eiffel Tower and she was so friendly and sweet and got us both to relax right away. She told us what to do and where to look and then did the magic with her camera. It was a little chilly and windy and my hair wasn’t all that cooperative but we had fun with all the posing and smiling.

After the Eiffel tower pictures, we hopped in a cab and I made a quick clothing change on our way to the Louvre. We finished up our session with several spots that Lindsey knows make for good photo backdrops. Although my husband wasn’t that thrilled in the beginning, he asked me everyday if the photos were available yet and he was so excited when we received them today.

We both love the final results and these beautiful photographs will always remind us of our special Paris vacation. Lindsey is the best! If you are going to Paris, Pictours Paris photographs will be your favorite souvenir of your trip.”

Gail & Norman (Frisco, TX)

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