Surprise Proposal at Trocadero: She Said Yes!

It’s been another great year for couples in Paris, with lots of love and beautifully romantic surprise proposals! I had the pleasure of photographing “the big ask” for Depie and Kostas on one sunny summer morning. Congratulations, lovebirds, I’m so happy for you!!

Depie and Kostas were in Paris visiting from Greece, and Kostas of course had the romantic idea to propose to Depie during their stay. The Eiffel Tower is such an iconic, beautiful background, so we planned to meet at Trocadero in the mid-morning. It was a little bit crowded with summer tourists, but we still managed to capture some great shots!

Their proposal and love story was recently featured here on How He Asked.


Thanks also, Depie, for submitting a testimonial via our website. We appreciate your support, and hope to see you again in Paris soon! ~ xoxo, Lindsey

Words from Depie:

Why were you in Paris? “My boyfriend wanted to propose to me!!! it was a surprice!!!!!

Can you describe your experience working with Pictours Paris? “i have to say that lindsey is an exellent proffesional!!! first of all she speaks english so it was very easy to communicate!!! she was in time in our appointment!! also she does her job very well!! last but not least she has a cute baby in her belly!!!!!!!!”

Thanks, Depie! And yes it’s true, we are expecting our baby any day now! 🙂

How He Asked


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