Jonathan’s Surprise Proposal to Danielle

January 13, 2016 –

DanielleandJonathan-37Working with Jonathan to plan is perfect Surprise Proposal for Danielle was wonderful! He knew he wanted to propose at Trocadero with a view on the Eiffel Tower so we planned for early in the morning and even if we had to wait for another couple to move, it paid off with almost no crowds around for his big ask! Read on to hear about their Surprise Proposal. Cheers, Lindsey.

“I told my (now) fiancée I had made breakfast reservations for us at a dairy free café (she is lactose intolerant) and told her to wear something nice! As it was my first visit to Paris I thought it was best we walked in order to arrive at the correct time. I had calculated it would take us half an hour to walk to the Trocadero, my planned proposal location, so off we set at 7am. I was, as you may imagine, feeling a little nervous so I had forgotten to consider how walking for half an hour at a brisk pace in heels would not have been Danielle’s preferred mode of travel, shall we say. Come half past seven we had arrived and, at the sight of the Eiffel Tower, Danielle’s agitation soon melted away. After months of planning, the time had finally come.

I was naïve enough to believe I had thought of everything, I had the ring in my pocket, I had Lindsey waiting to take pictures, I had Danielle in the right place in a city that was completely alien to me. It never occurred to me that there might be another couple having a photo shoot on the exact spot we were supposed to be on! I clocked Lindsey, and she me, and entered into a bizarre attempt to ask her what to do without actually using any words whilst trying to distract Danielle with anything else that was going on around us. Lindsey made it clear we would wait until they moved on, which made me feel much calmer. At one point Danielle quite rightly pointed out we were going to be late to our fabricated breakfast reservations, to which I reassured her we had another fifteen minutes because I had lied about the (fake) time of the (fake) reservation in order that I could be absolutely sure we would get there on (fake) time. A few minutes passed whilst we watched the other couple, the longest few minutes of my life, until they moved on and we were able to continue our walk. I stopped Danielle at the top of the steps and took an eyelash from her face. “Close you eyes and make a wish”. I got down on one knee. She opened her eyes and I proposed to her, to which she said yes and started crying, thankfully! We kissed and embraced for a few moments and then I pointed to Lindsey, who waved at us and then walked over. She warmly congratulated us and had a friendly chat with us, and then had us in all sorts of positions and poses for further photographs. When I first got in touch with Lindsey I had looked at her portfolio so I knew what to expect, but the pictures were so much better than I anticipated! I received a link to the album within a couple of days and Lindsey was always in contact with me via email all throughout the process, from start to finish. We love the pictures, as do everyone we show them to. We have them all around our house and they made excellent Christmas gifts for our whole family. Lindsey made the whole process so easy and I really couldn’t have planned it better without her. We would both wholeheartedly recommend Lindsey and Pictours Paris to anyone who is traveling to Paris and hope to return ourselves one day for another photo shoot. Thank you so much Lindsey, we will never forget you!”

– Danielle & Jonathan


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