Kyle’s Surprise Proposal to Cameron in the Tuileries Gardens

When Kyle contact us to help him plan a quite, intimate and romantic Surprise Proposal in Paris, we where happy to pull out all of the stops to make his special moment for Cameron happen! After some planning, the Tuileries Gardens first thing in the morning ended up being the perfect place and with the garden seemingly all to themselves Kyle popped the question! Read on to hear more about their story that was featured on

“We met on May 17th, 2012 in the Chicago airport, in what we believe was a form of destiny. We were both in college at NC State University in Raleigh, NC, him a rising senior and me a rising sophomore. We individually pursued our love of travel and engineering by signing up for a 6 week study abroad trip in Hong Kong and Shanghai China for our Civil Engineering degrees. As we embarked on our adventure with 13 other students, we both caught the eye of each other as we boarded our plane from Raleigh, NC to Chicago but neither of us could introduce ourselves yet. So there we were in our sweatpants, glasses, and airplane hair at our layover in Chicago when Kyle came up and introduced himself. We were immediately attached to the hip as we sat and talked over the course of our 13 hour flight from Chicago to Hong Kong. Our love sparked in those 6 weeks together abroad and there was no denying that this was something about our relationship that was more real then a summer fling. At the conclusion of our trip, we decided to remain in constant communication but we both wanted to see if our new relationship could last outside of exploring cities and eating delicious foods together. We made a promise that if we could make it until the beginning of our fall classes, he would ask to make our relationship official. Sure enough, on the very first day of class, we walked down to the edge of a nearby lake and he asked for me to be his girlfriend. As if our relationship wasn’t enough like a stereotypical romance movie, a group of swans landed just in front of us on the pond as we sealed our new relationship with a kiss.

4 years later, our love story continued to grow, with and without the romance movie symbolism at times. We both knew in our hearts that we were truly made for each other and that our personalities were so similar yet our oddities complemented each other. We decided to continue our love for travel by booking a European adventure across France, Spain and Italy for 2 weeks in May. While I had been to Paris before during my high school years, Kyle had not but he heard all about my love for the city, people and of course the delicious food. I can see why there was no doubt in his mind why he chose Paris as the perfect place to begin the next chapter of our lives together. One foggy morning in May, in a quiet area beyond the Louvre, the question was asked and an eager ‘Yes’ was to follow. With the help of Lindsey and the amazing staff at Pictours Paris, this memory was able to be captured and saved for generations to come and words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for having these amazing photographs.”

Cameron & Kyle

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