Paris Je T'aime

November 16, 2015 –

Last Friday night, our world was rocked by the horrific acts of terrorists in Paris. Far too many innocent, beautiful lives were lost by the hands of hatred. Paris has been my home for the past four years, and I love this city with all of my heart. Luckily my husband and I, in addition to our friends and French family, were safe from harm. But our hearts are heavy as we mourn with Paris and the rest of the world.

In response to the attacks, Parisians have been illuminating candles and leaving flowers at the attack sites. Also, the Eiffel Tower has been dark for the past two nights. But tonight, the Tower shone bright, and with a powerful message:

“Fluctuant Nec Mergitur,” meaning “She is tossed by the waves but does not sink.”

Stay strong Paris: We are hurting & healing with you.

~ Lindsey Kent, Pictours Paris



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