Terence’s Surprise Proposal to Shaleria!

November 1, 2015 – ,

ShaleriaandTerence-27It was lovely working with Terence to plan his surprise proposal to Shaleria! He kept his cool when we had some competition for the perfect location, but we found a great spot and his proposal was beautiful and very romantic in the end! Read on to hear what they thought of their photo shoot with us! Cheers!

“My favorite part of the Pictours experience came when it was time to do my ultimate Surprise Proposal. We got to the designated location and there were TWO brides doing a photo shoot! This made me extremely nervous and made me feel like my moment was going to be undermined. But I had a superhero in Lindsey who was there, she immediately noticed how nervous I was and discretely helped me calm down. She motioned for me to just take my time and wait to see if the Brides were leaving soon. They certainly did, and her support helped me make my moment special! She was very accessible and made our overall experience wonderful. We had an amazing time in Paris and the experience with Lindsey will always be apart of our memories.” – Shaleria & Terence



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