The (Future) Drews Give Their Praise – Proposal at Trocadero

“After spending countless hours, weeks, and days searching for the perfect photographer, Lindsey Kent is the answer to all your Paris photography needs.

As someone who has worked in client-facing environments for over ten years and who currently works for one of the largest global firms, I know professionalism and expertise when I see it. Lindsey not only provided amazing service, but she did so with such charisma, professionalism, and skill that went above and beyond.

I contacted Lindsey roughly two months prior to my trip to Paris to plan my surprise proposal. Lindsey was responsive and often responded to my emails within the same day. Her initial emails covered all my questions and more. As someone who is very meticulous, I can assure you that Lindsey reviewed every possible instance and scenario available. I had the location already decided upon due to prior research and looking through her other client’s surprise proposals. Lindsey helped provide the best time, day of the week, and positioning for the location which really helped calm my nerves and anxieties.

Lindsey and I remained in contact up to fifteen minutes prior to the proposal. We messaged each other the morning of, saying what we were wearing to ensure proper verification. When I arrived at the location with my (now) fiancée, I gave Lindsey a slight nod and she nodded back indicating the space was clear and I had the “green light”. While Lindsey remained incognito, I dropped to one knee and proposed to my girlfriend (now Fiancée). Lindsey expertly captured the moment leading up to, during, and after in the most genuine light displaying true emotion.

After the hugs, kisses, and tears, I introduced my Fiancée to Lindsey who greeted us with smiles and hugs. She expressed how happy she was for us and explained she was going to walk us through a photoshoot. Lindsey was flexible in listening to our preferences for photos including the angles, positions, and stature. Furthermore, Lindsey provided advice on where to stand and how to pose for the best shots with the Eiffel tower in the background. She even offered to hold my Fiancées jacket while we took photos!

After the photoshoot, we received the photos in two short business days, we even received way more photos than we were expecting which was phenomenal. The photos were professionally edited and we could not be happier. We will have these photos, memories, and experiences for a lifetime and have Lindsey Kent to thank for this.

In terms of pricing, Lindsey is very fair and was able to be flexible by sending me the invoices in advance as it was the easiest method for me. Not only do you get phenomenal service and exceptional deliverables for the price, but you also get to share this experience with someone who genuinely cares about you and knows their stuff!

Conclusively, my Fiancée and I, as well as our friends and family, are very happy with the photos and greatly appreciate the hard work of Lindsey Kent and Pictours Paris. We highly recommend Lindsey and will continue to recommend her to any other travelers to Paris. Cheers Lindsey, best wishes to you and thank you again for everything.”


The (future) Drews
Josh & Justina (New York, NY)

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