Gift Certificates Now Available!

Hello, friends, family, past and future clients!

I sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are safe, happy and well during these difficult times and unforeseen pandemic. Sadly, it has forced the temporary closure of our businesses here in Paris. We own one restaurant, my tourism photography business (Pictours Paris), and are under construction on a second restaurant. And, we know many of you reading this are also facing hard times – either health-wise or financially. Sadly as entrepreneurs, we have zero income at the moment, and one hungry three-year-old. 😉

To help weather the storm, as you could say, I am offering gift certificates – on sale now and valid through April 2022. If you had plans to come to Paris, but had to cancel – or have dreams to travel here once the pandemic is behind us all, a gift certificate could be a great option for you.

Below is a bit of our story, in case you don’t know us too well. We are beyond grateful for anyone who is able to support us during the covid pandemic, and I hope to see you in Paris one day very soon!!!!!!

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Choose the length of session you want, or simply choose “Deposit Only” to choose your actual session length at a later date! And remember, these gift certificates are valid through April 2022!

Learn more about our photo sessions around Paris, here.

Pictours Paris Gift Certificates

Our Paris Story

My husband, Justin, and I moved here from Denver, Colorado, USA in September of 2011 as newlyweds! Justin was following his passion for French cooking and landed a job at the famous L’Arpege restaurant. From there, he went on to cook at other amazing restaurants – learning techniques from some of the best.

Meanwhile, I launched my portrait photography business – Pictours Paris  – in early 2012, and since then have built a successful business creating lifelong memories for my touristic clientele through romantic and family photography.

In 2016, we decided to venture into the restaurant industry on our own! We were living in the 7th arrondissement in Paris, and realized our neighborhood was lacking in quality coffee and brunch. So alas, the idea for Zia  was born!! The coffee shop/restaurant opened its doors in January, 2017, when our daughter, Elodie, was a sweet little newborn baby!

Over the last few years, Zia has earned accolades as one of the top places to Brunch in Paris, and is popular among locals and tourists alike. Pictours Paris has always gone strong, and working with tourists from around the world has brought me so much joy and happiness.

As a family, we were devastated to force close our businesses as of March 15, 2020. We are still employing all of our staff (who are like family!), and are still required to pay monthly commercial rent while closed (even if deferred until a later date).

ALSO, we had been for the last year working on Milagro  – a second restaurant concept. As of March 15th, we were only weeks away from finishing construction and opening our second restaurant, just steps from Zia. Sadly construction has halted, but rent is still due.

We are both self-employed entrepreneurs, living the dream life in Paris. Sadly, we are now both unemployed until further notice, and all of our staff are on partial unemployment (but still have their work contracts with us!). It is uncertain when restaurants will be allowed to re-open and welcome customers. It is even more unclear when tourism will rebound and borders reopen.

Through your kindness and generosity,  we will be able to continue to serve our loving community and tourists once this is all behind us.

Stay healthy and well, friends! And thank you again for your support.