A surprise proposal en route to dinner…

Autumn in Paris is my favorite time of year. Especially in mid October when the leaves are golden, the air is cooling down, and fall sweaters come out and scarves adorn everyone’s necks. I spend a lot of time in the fall taking photos in the various gardens, but of course the Eiffel Tower is always a popular pick! 🙂 Here’s a little love story about Matthew & Xhulia’s surprise proposal:

Matthew was coming to Paris to visit his girlfriend, Xhulia, as she was currently living in Paris. Their first date was near the Eiffel Tower, so he wanted to go back to the area for his surprise proposal. We chose a pedestrian bridge overlooking the Tower for his evening proposal. The plan was they were going to be crossing the bridge on the way to dinner. As they arrived, he suggested they take their coats off for a selfie. That was when he instead went down on one knee as I captured the happy moment! Congratulations, lovebirds!! So happy to have met you.


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