5th annual photo session with Christina & Matt! (Louvre & Place Concorde)

October 29, 2018 – ,

Yup, that’s right. 5th annual photo session in Paris with Christina and Matt!! 🙂

I first met and photographed them in September 2014, when they came to Paris from the U.S. to celebrate their one year wedding anniversary. We all really hit it off, had a great time, and captured some beautiful memories. Since then, they’ve come back every single year and we’ve had celebratory photo sessions around Paris each time!

For 2018, the couple chose the Louvre museum and Place de la Concorde for photos. We had a lot of laughs, as usual! These two are just the sweetest, most supportive couple. They also brought adorable gifts for our daughter, Elodie, and also had brunch/lunch at Zia with her parents a couple of days later! Lots of love to you both – hope to see you again next year!

From Christina: “Thank you so much again. You are so sweet to offer and for giving us such amazing memories year after year. My mother-in-law already said she wants to sit down and see all our pictures from our first trip to our last in chronological order. Crazy how 5 years can fly by so fast. Matt and I are so thankful to have these precious moments captured when it felt like time stood still. ”

And here is the blog post from 2017 if you’d like to check them out. All the rest of their photos are in my archives from old websites, but one day soon I’ll have to bring them back to life!

~ Lindsey

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