Paris is most known for the ever-stunning La Tour Eiffel, and so of course its a popular location for photo sessions. Here are some options and advice to consider when choosing your Eiffel Tower location. Weather, time of day and time of year can all impact how the Eiffel Tower looks, including the different lenses I use throughout each photo session.

Descriptions below, and in-order on the photo collage.

  1. Trocadero – iconic with stunning views, but extremely crowded all day long. Only available early mornings, and even then we would not be alone. Not ideal for proposals or for shy families or couples. We can still manage to get great shots, but we most often have to wait several minutes for another photographer to finish for us to get into a good spot.
  2. Seine Riverbank – works for mornings or evenings, not often too crowded.
  3. Pont Bir Hakeim – best lighting early morning. Starting to gain popularity for photo sessions, so we won’t be alone. Before 11 am is ideal.
  4. Debilly Footbridge – lighting is best in the afternoon/evening, we can also go down to the riverbank (#2).
  5. Pont Alexandre III – my favorite location with a beautiful view of the Tower from afar. Ideal on cloudy mornings or in the evenings for lovely sunsets.
  6. Avenue Camoens – typically quiet, with waves of photo shoots popping in and out.
  7. Champ de Mars (not pictured) – I’m not recommending this location at the moment, due to heavy construction on the back of the Tower and also in the gardens. Largely inaccessible at the moment.
  8. We also have a home studio location with a balcony overlooking the Eiffel Tower: HERE.
Pont Bir Hakeim
Pont Alexandre III
Avenue Camoens


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